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Before there were the Bean Pickers Union, there were the Trousers. They're back.

Sort of. I fronted a not too serious band in the 1990's and early 2000's called the Trousers (to learn where the name comes from, watch the mockumentary the Ruttles). We had a lot of fun, and wrote some pretty good songs. But outside of a few lo-fi rehearsals or live gigs with a cheap mic set up in the corner, we never recorded anything. I've decided to remedy that, and this quiet time when no one is gigging seemed the right opportunity. I've nearly completed all the recording and most of the mixing for a 9 song record, which I'm calling Come On Feel the Trousers. I had various friends and BPU members play various instruments. We all recorded our parts in our home studios, and I am mixing everything here. I'm sending tracks to a great studio for mastering real soon. It's a pretty rocking record. More straight up rock and less twang than the BPU, and there are some great performances by my pickers on this one. Watch this space for an update, but I'm hoping to have the record released by the first or second week in August. -Chuck

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